Complete Guide to Social Bookmarking – Make Your Online Presence

Have you ever used social bookmarking websites? Have you considered them as a great way to get traffic to your website? It`s been a decade since social bookmarking was introduced. With the passage of time, they proved themselves as an effective way to make your online presence noticed. In fact, viral sharing began with social bookmarking website. Below is everything you need to know about social bookmarking.


Social Bookmarking websites are cloud link savers. They are as the same as bookmarks saved on your hard disk. The only difference is they are online and can be viewed and shared with others. You can easily access them anywhere you like. Started back in 2003 with Delicious, now there are many social bookmarking websites such as Reddit and Squidoo. Interesting every website has its own culture and new ways for engagements.

Tips to improve your Social Bookmarking

  • Start with a Profile

When you have finished researching, you need to make a profile to advertise your business. You can use your personal profile for this matter, Update your bio and mention where you work and your website. On Stumpleupon, you may need to sign up with your Facebook account and through your email id. The point is, the more granularly you chose, the better user experience you will have as the website will learn about your interests. As most social bookmarking websites have same methods, it won`t be hard.

But if you are planning for a business profile, you need to add a brief company bio in addition to your website. This may need your business logo or your face in order to make your profile look personalized.

  • Find your own Network

When you are ready for networking, you should start with finding your network on any social networking platform. Search for people and follow who:

  1. Shares your business Niche and can search for your industry leaders
  2. Your friends and followers on other social networking platforms
  3. Your friends Followers or people who follow people you are interested in

Most social bookmarking websites will provide you with recommendations for who you follow, you need to browse through the recommendations and have a look at some profiles. Only connect with those who are capable of fitting to your business needs. Always judge people for their image, content, posts and bio.

  • Engaging with Network

After making your network, you need to make your presence. Get noticed by people in your network by sharing, commenting and even voting. Always be attentive and interested while you comment. Never add spam and post links back to your website. This is considered as online frown which makes all of us sick.  Always be authentic for developing your reach. If (by any chance) you don’t understand it, you need to read the terms and guidelines of a social networking platform before you engage with others as there are many restrictions about what you can and can`t post on them.

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