What is Article Submission and How it Helps Business

What is article submission? We hear about it a lot and it has become a trend nowadays. Here is a complete guide of article submission with introduction and its benefits.

Introduction of Article Submission

Main attraction of article submission is it attracts visitors and links to your website without sustaining heavy cost.  It`s important to ensure that your article which are submitted are relevant to the nature of your business. There are countless benefits of article submission which includes marketing, advertising and publicity of your business on the internet. Main benefits are detailed below!

  1. Article submission helps improving the rank of online business in different search engines by increasing the number of PR and backlinks.
  2. Article submission also helps to establish the specific website owner as an expert in his field. The article submission provides valuable information within the content which builds trust of potential clients by giving them a reason to visit your website.

Five key points to consider when you write

During Article Submission, keep the following points in mind as they will help with target audience and search engine.

  • Your content should be genuine and informative
  • Content should be rich in keyword, but not be excessive as keyword stuffing
  • The average length of your article should be between 500 words to 750 words
  • Always give a unique title to your article with addition of the main keyword in it. This will make it easy for web crawlers to identify and rank the topic of your content
  • Add subheadings, numberings and bullets in your article as they make it presentable and easy to read

General points of Article Submission

High Quality is must

It’s a misconception that quality is not important as these articles carry backlinks. Keep in mind that Goggle is not the only one reading this article, so don`t add rubbish. Interestingly, Google has realized it now and is treating articles with spelling mistakes, poor information and grammatical errors as spam, which causes its website to rank lower instead of higher. Therefore, in order to be successful, make sure your articles are well written, informative and interesting.

It`s not only about you

Some business misunderstand that articles should only be relevant to their business, what they offer, what they are doing, their working history and this information is only of interest to only researching about your brand. Articles should be informative as well as being able to stand only in once piece, but don`t only add yourself into them. Care about the rest of the world too!

Attract Traffic

Its a common mistake that we submit articles and forget to attract traffic! Attracting traffic towards your articles means you are directing traffic towards your website. Start by sharing with your friends as they will share them with others often more than a business homepage. Get evolved with others in the same industry by commenting their articles and attract followers to your website.

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