6 Easy Social Marketing Tips to Improve Your Online Business

What`s the biggest challenge online business owners face today? Increasing traffic always has been a tough task but has become even harder. Thanks to social networking, some of that load is taken off our shoulders. Want to know how? Just follow these tips!

1. Try different Titles in your Blog Posts

The Title of a blog post carries a lot weight than you realize. Title helps to get as much attention to your content as possible. Therefore you need to work on your titles. Below are some pointers you can start with.

  • Add a few negatives (for example, don`t do this, beware or caution)
  • Short is sweet
  • Try to be simple
  • Take advantage of simple Psychological Traits
  • If you are posting a list, you need to start with the title and mention how many points you made

2. Post regularly for continued Growth

Perhaps the easiest way to grow your community, post content regularly to keep your followers interested. Update your Facebook at least once a day and 5 times a day for Twitter`s Account.  Apart from the number`s count, you also need to pay attention about your timing as it is very important in social media.

3. Increase your Exposure with Social Buttons

The more impressions you carry on social media the more likes you`ll get. The best way for increasing the number of impressions on your social network is embedding social sharing buttons within your website. Most of blogs embed these buttons which are prominent to encourage the reader to share their post. Here are a few places where you can put your social sharing buttons.

  • Email Signature
  • Newsletters
  • Header of your Post
  • Footer of your Post
  • Within a Special blog post

4. Go for micro content

No doubt that internet today is suffering from overload of information. In simple words, readers nowadays don`t have much time and patience to read the entire article. A new trend which is considered by the online store owners is creation of small chunks of content which is quick and easy to read.

5. Add images in your Facebook Posts

The best way to increase your Facebook engagement is adding graphics into your posts. Images in Facebook posts can generate 60% more likes as compared to the regular posts. Therefore whenever you post an announcement or any other thing, you should include an image with a link to page which has the specified content. Adding images to a text based content is more compelling and it increases the click through radically.

6. Try Infographics

Over the last few years, infographics have become intensively famous. Therefore investing in a professional created infographic is one of the most effective ways to spike traffic to your website and get a couple of high quality back links which will help in Search Engine Optimization. A quality infographic can come around $100-$2,000 but it`s worth the money!

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