Comprehensive Guide for a CMS based Website

What`s the most powerful web developer tool after PHP? CMS, for a market where websites need to be built faster, developers are now using CMS. Here`s a guide for you!

 Introduction of CMS

Content Management System or CMS is a web application capable of using a database or other ways for creating, editing and storing HTML in a manageable way. The content is created and edited online while in an administration portion of the online application. The final product is then shown to viewers on the front-end.

Why you need one

There are many reasons of using a CMS based Website but the major is for creating and editing content in fast and easy way. Unfortunately,  developers now often forget the main purpose of CMS and search for more functionality which cripples them.

Today, content is not just about text anymore! There are times that the content you require from a website is either a contact form or even user authentication system. The trick here is to find the CMS which is capable of providing you the functionality in all situations. A good CMS always lets it user to spend more time on the design of his website rather than improving its functionality.

Mistakes you need to avoid

1 .Enough research

Whatever you do online, make sure you do proper research. The same is with CMS! You need to check websites which offer examples. Contact the administrator and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the CMS. You can also talk to the developers but always be open to them.

2. Let someone other do it for you

Never ever allow someone to choose a Content Management System for you. Most people don`t understand the code or the easy user interface. Therefore, it doesn`t matter if you are a big business or just a group of freelancers. It is imperative whoever is best among you, just sign off to anything he presents you. You will never know when it can become a headache for you. So it would be best to avoid it in the first place.

3. Hard to use CMS

First of all, you need to keep in mind that not every internet surfer is a tech savvy! Therefore you need to implement an easy to use interface that will be easy for him to use. So even if you select a CMS which you like and works well with your website, it won`t do any good unless your visitors think the same of it. So in the long run, it will be better for your business if you choose a CMS with easy to use admin interface which can be later customized according to your needs.

4. Bigger is better

Open sources of not, CMS with huge followings doesn`t mean its right for you. Don`t fall for promises if helpful and huge community or wide range of extensions, it’s always a trap!  Search and try, if you are satisfied then use it.

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