5 Simple Tips for Great Graphic Designing

Looking forward to be a designer? what`s on your mind, doing it for cash or just a personal interest of yours? Well, whatever you may think. You made a good decision as Graphic designing is the second best way to earn online after content writing! Below are a few tips to help you get started!

1. Never design in Physical World

The Magic of design only happens within your mind, so you need to relax and don`t take pressure to complete your work fast. It’s a major mistake that people think you need to be glued to a monitor if you want to design. Well you are more likely to come up with something and inspired when running, lying in bed or whatever pleases you! As it`s said, a happy worker is an effective worker!

2. Don’t Stuck with software

Unfortunately, many designers are now assuming that they have to learn everything about a Tool (Software) before they can start designing. You need to learn the basics of your tools (not master them) to do what you need. As you keep designing, you will continue to learn and will improve on the specific software.

3. Find a tool that works for you

Everyone carries different opinion with them when it comes to designing softwares. What you want in a program which lets you create without any complications such as robust layers along with fine grained tools. All you need to do is go for sketch (for Mavricks)which is one of the best programs for learning to be a designer. it`s easy as compared to Photoshop and illustrator with smaller learning curve. There are also great templates while the product itself is quite affordable (only for $49).

4. Follow the leader

Everyone thinks that they have a unique taste and there are healthy chances that you think the same! Well it not depends on what you like, a good designer`s taste evolves and incorporates ideas of others and will later agree to carry good design sensibility on its own. Start with following top designers on Twitter and other social networks and take a look at their masterpieces. However, don`t just limit yourself to design! You should follow everything else going on in the tech world and keep up with the latest trends.

5. Don`t hit the desktop whenever you get an idea

Once an idea struck your mind, you should never immediately open a graphic program and start working on it. It doesn`t matter how proficient you are, a graphics program will never allow you the same freedom granted by pen and paper. You should start sketching and see if it works for you or not. This way, you will quickly weed out the bad ideas and will save time. You will be much honest to yourself if you get rid of all good for nothing ideas from your mind. Spending 5 minutes on paper will be prolific as compared to spending 45 minutes on software.

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