Complete Guide to Directory Submission

Don`t know the difference between Search Engine and internet Directory? In short, you don`t know how to use one, right? Internet directory submission is one of the most effective SEO tactics around the web. Below is everything you need to know about Directory Submission!

What is Internet Directory?                                  

Before search engines were introduced, internet surfers used to surf information on web directories. The web directories provided categorized information with the best relevancy. However today, (thanks to modern advancements) we have search engines such as Yahoo and Google which are much fast and accurate.

Introduction to Directory submission in relation to SEO

Directory Submission is the process of submitting a blog or website in web directories. This process involves adding a website URL with website details in the most appropriate categories. Directory Submissions are used for increasing a website index by gaining backlinks from different web directories. Remember that Quality Backlinks improves the keyword rankings in search engine which increases blog traffic as well as page ranking.

How to use Directory Submission for SEO

  • Firstly, got to a Directory Submission Website List
  • Go to any website and start submission (for Example Education)
  • Select any relevant category according to your blog and topic
  • Search deep because there are many sub categories. Once you find the right category, click the “Submit Your Site” link!
  • Now a form will appear, you need to fill the form and provide information about your website, for instance Email ID, Title and Description and submit the form. Success, you`ve done it!

Benefits of Directory Submission

Web Directory offers some benefits that you can`t afford to miss. They are as follows!

1. Directory Submissions are (mostly) for Free

Surprisingly, you won`t have to pay for (most) web directory submissions. There are a few professional web directories which will charge you for adding links. But they are quite rare as compared to the free directories.

2. Directory Submission only provides one way links

The search engines give importance to the number of inbound links in your website, but you won`t get the same from web directories. Web directories often put some links on your website that you weren`t prepared for, so watch out! Search engines discourage the link exchange strategies however they consider the one way link tactic with careful consideration.

3. Directory Submission sends you Targeted Traffic

The organization of web directories makes people to find the accurate links under the appropriate category. Even if you submit your ink in a wrong category, there are healthy chances that the human editor will read your link and place it under the right category. So don`t worry!

4. Directory Submissions allow customizable Anchor Text

Whenever you submit your links to a web directory, they will allow you to enter a specific website title (A Title is different from website URL) which have your keywords. This will generate a SEO anchor test for you which will improve your search engine ranking.

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