RSS Submission – Best way to keep your Visitors Updated

Trying hard to bring traffic to your website? Well have you tried RSS Submission Yet? As online competition becomes tough day by day, new methods (preferably Tips and Tricks) are introduced. RSS Feed Submission is not something new but it’s definitely something you won`t want to miss.

What is RSS Submission?

Every website is looking forward to rank higher as internet has become an amiable part of our daily life.  Today it is difficult to search for your favorite website for business. Therefore there`s a shortcut for internet users for saving their time and check all accessible websites, well thanks to RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

RSS Feed Submission is an XML structure which is designed for information syndication and is used as a tool to share valuable internet content. The RSS Feed provides its user with headlines, recent happenings and experiences from other website. The RSS tech helps to keep record of desired website in one place.

Why RSS Feed Submission is important?

Webmasters easily understand the RSS Feed and use it as an important tool for SEO. The webmaster uses RSS directories and post RSS feeds in order to keep users updated. RSS also helps to drive traffic to website which saves time and effort from manual submission. Thanks to the blog softwares offers a built in code which automatically sends the RSS Feeds to the Directories. But you need to make sure your website is updated with fresh content or users won`t pay attention by seeing the old format. Below are a few benefits of RSS Submission.

1. SEO Benefits

Instead of only submitting the RSS feed to RSS directories, you also need to submit it in RSS engines. This will make the engine visit your website and it crawls your content which will allow easy syndication and will save your breath.

2. Visitor`s benefits

  • Fast Content Scanning
  • User control the content as they wise with 100% opt in
  • No confidential information is required for subscription

3. Publisher` benefits

  • Easy and affordable communication as compared to email
  • Better Search Engine Optimization
  • Better communication with potential clients
  • Reach new audience via syndication

How to Submit RSS Feed?

Technically, RSS Feed Submission is a list of Notifications on your website. The RSS directories and engines carry a special program which is known as the RSS Aggregator setup. This program searches for updates. As you have submitted a RSS feed into one of these websites, your content will be distributed by the syndicated websites as well as search engines. Later your content will be followed by links form in syndicated websites which are transferred to your own website which provides you valuable back links. Below are five easy steps for Submitting a RSS Feed into RSS directory.

  1. Got to desired RSS URL
  2. Select a Niche Category
  3. Enter the Feed URL
  4. Submit the URL
  5. Press the “Promote Your Content” Button

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