6 Easy but Affective Web Re-Designing Tips

Looking forward to update your website? Well as the online commerce reshapes regularly, why your business should be left behind. To help you out, below are some tips.

1. Spend your resources for creating better content, not design

There are billion pages on the internet but there`s one for you to start with? No doubt that you website might not be unique or have breath taking design. But you need to know, people care about the content instead of design. The design needs to be good but it doesn`t mean you should put all your resources and effort for improving your design. You need to focus on your content and what else your website has to offer.

2. Avoid Pitfalls at all costs

There are many ways to design a website which will leave positive impact on your marketing. But you need to keep in mind that website redesigns have negative impacts on marketing. Therefore, even if your online existence has lots of assets, you need to build your leads. You need to find what works for you (content, keywords, ranking, links or conversion tools). After checking, you need to protect them!

3. Focus on your Metrics

As you are now in full circle, what was your goal? Do you wanted to increase your traffic? Then which metric you need to track or what does it mean? In simple words, your new design isn`t appreciated therefore your need to focus on improving conversions and metric leads. If you don`t do it then even if your design is loved by everyone, you will get fewer leads and may need to change to the old one!

4. Aim for more traffic

Website redesigning is not about changing the look of your website but the way it impacts your business. Therefore your need to focus on better results which you were looking for! Get more visitors, customers and leads. Every decision you make should be for improving your goals. Remember, you don`t need to put a lot of effort for changing your website layout but for improving your marketing.

5. Add a Blog, SEO and Landing Pages

Every website today should be equipped with all of these.  These are not expensive but are worth the effort. A blog is an ideal way to create content for regular basis and start conversing with your prospects. RSS allows content of your website automatically to be pushed forward to other website which will increase your content`s reach. Landing pages are important because they will make value of your website in front of your visitors.

6. Create an easy content creating strategy

If you have good content, you will get more visitors and your business with row fast. A hundred page website faces no problem for beating a 10 page website. Therefore go big or go home! Having good content on your website is not enough, if you want to stay on top. You need to make sure you website is updated with quality content more often.

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