How Link Building Helps in Search Engine Optimization

Trying hard to improve your website rank? Link building is one of the most effective tactics for better website ranking. Don`t believe, try this!

The process of linking external pages to a page on your website is called link building (also spelled as link-building). Link building is one of the many techniques used for search engine optimization. Building is difficult and time consuming as not every link can be equal. The link from a dependable website such as journals can make a great impact on SERP than link from newly built website as high quality links can be achieved easily.

Why link building is important

Link building is a major factor for how Google ranks web pages. Webmasters can now easily improve ranking of their website by increasing the number of quality websites that will link to their pages. For example, if you run ad website which promotes auto manufacturer, no doubt that you will be competing with another auto manufacturer website. Therefore one of the most important factors that Google will look while determining the rank of pages is popularity of link building.

How to attract other websites

There are many link building strategies used for getting external websites link to your website, some of them are:

Submission: Submit your news and articles to directories, press and etc

Links from Friends and Partners: Expand your online presence and get people to know you so they will work and link your website

Content and advertisement: you need to create compelling content which people will want to link to another page for more information.

Reviews: Put your product and services in the front-end of popular bloggers to gain potential customers

Apart from these, there are also other resources which will help you with granular ways to get quality links. However there are two issues with these tips for developing inbound links to your site.

These can be time consuming! Creating high quality content and developing links from third parties who are interested for long run needs a couple of resources, copywriters and hours to promote your services\ product.

They are mostly dependant on external forces. If you are reliant on websites you don’t control, you won`t have quality linking page.

Best ways to build links

Quality linking Page: An important factor about entire quality of a page is sending links. The search engines allow high quality links to boost ranking more than any other thing.

Link the page you targeted most times: when people talk about your website. They refer to the home page. This makes it difficult for people to rank higher as generating their own link equity nearly becomes impossible.

Anchor Text: one of the most important things that search engine counts when ranking a web page is the text links used to talk about your post. If someone links to the good auto guys with word “auto parts”, you page will rank higher (thanks to the keyword phrase).

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