4 Blog Designing Tips for Successful Blogging

No doubt that Informative and Creative content leaves a powerful impact on your visitors but what else counts? The design plays an important role when it comes to your blog`s performance. Therefore, if you are serious about building an audience by blogging, you better start following these easy tips!

1. Add your newsletter SignUp at the end of every post

If you are not collecting email address through your blog, then adding newsletter is only thing you can do to keep your visitors loyal! Most blogs call out the newsletter SignUp at the top which is good as this is where most visitors expect it to be. However there`s even an important place for your newsletter to declare its existence, at the very end of your article.

Readers who have stick long to finish our article would definitely like to read another relevant post. But there revisit is nothing to be sure of. This is the reason that you need to put your newsletter signup at the end of every post to make sure your readers stop by often.

2. Social Sharing Buttons

The conversion aim of your website isn`t only to convert your visitors into subscribers or subscribers into customers! You also need your visitors to share your content across social media. Whenever visitors share your content, they may feel a little bit responsible for their followings as what they are recommending or is it worth recommending. This is why you need to deliver valuable, informative and interesting articles on regular basis!

3. Include great pictures

As important as your content, there`s no simpler way to get your readers respond than by engaging in visual elements. It`s now important to incorporate beautiful and bold high imagery images to your content. You can easily find images around the web, for starters. Search Flickr commons, Compfight or Wikimedia commons. Apart from getting some free dose, you can get a lot better if you spend some money. However, don`t just limit your blogs to images, you also need to add illustrations, diagrams, charts and much more. You can easily make charts and graphics with help of keynote or Powerpoint.

4. Relevance for your blog`s navigation

There are two big mistakes bloggers make whenever it comes to navigating a company blog. First of all the company blog shares the exact navigation as compared to the rest of the company`s website.

Secondly, the links to products, including price, product details and company description seems perfect to be shown on the company homepage, but they are not relevant to the visitor who read the content. The aim here should be to encourage your readers to explore your blog even more, not just stop where they started!

Keep in mind that most of your visitors come from Google or Social Networks. They come mainly for your content, not your products! In addition, adding too many navigation links to compete your readers attention won`t help either. Try to keep it simple with just adding a few links.

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